Sunday, 10 August 2014

Two Samoa's

Pacific Ocean-American Samoa-Pago Pago   American Samoa is one of those places that before I go expect it to be a poor version of Samoa. It is different ok, with plenty of usual fare shops and fast food places. But it has a wonderful harbour and a fantastic National Park. Enjoyed my stay here and great food too. The fun thing was getting here too, the airline charges by the weight of the passengers. So all the heavy people go on the other airline.. More room on this small plane for everyone. 

This Postcard is not as simple as it looks. Due to my flight changing back and forward to go back to Samoa I could not mail this in the Post office. At the time I visited the Post office I could not find a suitable card. So when I did it was closed. I have my cards to the receptionist at the hotel. I did get the card back but with no postmark. So I ended up telephoning the Postal officer in Pago Pago and we had a chat on the phone. So I then sent the card back by registered mail and here it is cancelled. 

Pacific Ocean-Samoa-Apia  My second time here . It had progressed big time . I got out around the Island and had a famous Weightlifter as the driver.. I cant remember his name now? Samoa was also my start point for my trip to Tokelau . But it never happened as the ship left early . So I will be back here again. Tokelau is due to get a new faster ship next year. So I look forward to getting back . 

The General Post Office had a full Philatelic section with glass displays in the centre. 


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