Monday, 11 August 2014

Fiji World Heritage Site.

Pacific Ocean-Fiji-Suva  I had not planned to visit Suva, but was here due to the non event in Tokelau. It rains quite a bit in the capital city and it was no exception during my stay here. Suva does not have a lot to offer as a capital city , but did visit the Fiji Museum which is interesting. 

There was some stamps in the Post office, but not a great selection and no Philatelic sales counter. 

Pacific Ocean-Fiji-Levuka The first capital of Fiji . A Island east of the main Fiji Island. Got here by the once a day flight. It is a charming town and a World Heritage site at that. Really felt I had gone back in time. Stayed in old Colonial Hotel , perhaps the oldest in Fiji. A great island to visit. 

The Post office here was busy and nice to see a local postmark. 

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  1. I really like first postcard with local people and market :)