Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Babylon - Iraq

I am home back in Dublin now after this trip. So at least I can put up some more of the photos and details of the trip. This is copy of the entrance Gate to Babylon. The original is in a museum in Berlin. The other photos include part of the restoration of Babylon which was done under Sadam. Finally some photos from the old nearby palace that once belonged to Sadam. It was interesting going inside . It was for a time used as a basketball court by the local soldiers in recent times. Now left in disuse. Was told by the Iraqi Tourists officials that at one stage it was looked at in recent years as a possible 5 star hotel for Babylon.
Long since gone into non use . This was the Sovenir shop and even a post box outside. Now it is a sleeping area for the local security and army. There was no post box or Post office in this area. Even if there was I would not have found it as all the contacts I had decided to deny that a Post office existed and was always directed to DHL or whatever. Very frustrating.

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