Sunday, 14 September 2014

Baghdad Day 3

Day 3 in Baghdad. More photos of the postcards on sale. A famous cafe in Central Baghdad to sit relax and talk with the locals.  Not permitted to take photos at checkpoints but with some Irish charm , managed to talk them into the idea !! Here is the Post Office at Baghdad Central Train Station.  I did not post any postcards here, though maybe in hindsight that mind have been a good idea.  I did go to the main Post Office. It is heavenly guarded and so no photos.  It was difficult to get permission to go and I was told it was closed at the time I was going.  But I persisted and my guides and security finally agreed.  It was open and quite large.  I ended up in the sorting office first.  The Iraqi tourist board I was with did not know where to go as they had never been before.  I finally found the office itself.  There was no philatelic section I could see but did not do my normal checking. I was under extreme pressure to leave by the Iraqi tourist people. I did manage to send out postcards. In the middle of all this going on the power went and we were all in the dark.  So I could not see correctly to finish off writing. So for those who get a postcard from Baghdad it will have just your name and no writing from me on the left.  So just presume it's from me.  I have no photos either as the person taking the photos for me pressed the wrong button on the camera and no photos were taken.  Still it was an experience.  Getting to Post offices in Iraq is near impossible.  All I get told is A-no Post office, B it's closed now, C it closed last month.  I am now in Kabala , south of Baghdad.  Tomorrow I will try to find the post office.


  1. Really great photos! I'm glad that your trip worked out well!