Monday, 29 September 2014

Iran - Tehran

At Last here are my photos from Iran. I have been so busy since I have got back home. I am starting with a selection from Tehran. Despite the first photo, I arrived here on Emirates from Dubai. The Iran Air plane was the flight I took to Yazd from Tehran. This is my third time here and I love the place. The Iranians are so friendly and not at all like the other Arab countries in this area. Of course they are Persians and not Arabs. I had organised a group with me so our first visit as it happens was to the Den of Espionage or The old American Embassy. You need permission to go here as normally off limits. So the next photos are off the Embassy and we got a full tour. My American friend Bill from Seattle on the tour was pretty amazed what he seen . Asked could he take photos the Guide said "Yes of course it is your home" . On the first night we all had dinner with my good friends from Tehran. Ali was my original taxi driver who brought me everywhere on my first trip here in 2001. Here is a typical Persian restaurant. They even had a Irish flag ready for us. A great finish to our first day in Iran. 

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