Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Iraq end of trip and Baghdad

Well this is my final set of photos from Iraq. From the Bottom up we have the Local Chief of a  village. His wife was American but they lived here in Iraq and he had perfect english. So great to talk to him and get a feel for what was going on. 
I am at a table with on my last night in Baghdad with some locals. In this restaurant you could drink, but I stayed on soft drinks. Still they were very interested to talk to a "tourist". There was a piano player from Armenia and being Irish I took to the microphone and sang a song. Fitting for my last night. It sent everyone away in good spirits. 
There is a monument in Baghdad to commemorate the revolution in 1958 .
Another monument that I am not sure , what it is , but it is in Baghdad.
And finally some of the Iraqi Army VIP service who provided security during the trip. Overall a very difficult country to travel in at present , but the people on a face to face level are great to talk to . I look forward to the day that Iraq is at peace with the world and itself.

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  1. Your great Iran postcard arrived today! Thanks a lot David...and also for sharing these great pictures with us...the only thing we hear is always all the "bad" news on TV.