Friday, 28 November 2014

Yazd - Iran

Middle East-Iran-Yazd  The first stop on my trip to Iran. This complex is just outside Yazd. It is known as the Castle of Narin. It is really all mixed dried mud. Amazing and great to see. 

Here is a Definitive Set from Iran. It features the Persian alphabet. It is quite stylish. These are the only stamps that all the Post offices had. If you wanted anything else had to go to a philatelic counter or find one which was not often easy.  

Middle East-Iran-Yazd   This complex is the Amir Chakmagh Complex. It sort of looks like a mosque. Inside it is a bazaar. This area is crowed at night with people and shops. A great sight. Right down town in Yazd. 

Showing more of the Alphabet and some other letters. I did look at the idea of getting a set but no post office had every one. All the Post offices have letterboxes outside where you mail from . 

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