Sunday, 16 November 2014


Africa-Morocco-Marrakech Here we have the Gardens of Yves St Laurent . The Blue colour on the buildings is fantastic to see with the light. The Gardens are very nice to view . On the day I was here the movie star Bill Murray was also walking around. So I was in fun company . Finished off with a snack in the cafe. 

Posted in Marrakech with the only stamp I could get the King himself. 

Africa-Morocco-Essaouira  A enjoyable town to visit. Just a few hours bus ride from Marrakech. However its main claim to fame is how windy this place it. I can confirm it is correct. So not a good place to lie out in the sun due to the wind. The hotel had wind breakers which were helpful. The town itself is less crowded then Marrakech with the added attraction of not being bothered every where you went by street people. The Medina itself is a worthy World Heritage Site. Enjoyed my stay here with some very nice restaurants. 

Sent this card from the Main Post office opposite the Bus Station. 


  1. I received postcards from Marocco in last week :) You have very nice cards from this country.

  2. Majorelle Garden is one of my most favorite place in Morocco! So colorful and peaceful :)