Friday, 10 April 2015

Pahang and Penang States- Malaysia

Asia-Malaysia-Pahang State-Cameron Highlands This was a part of Malaysia I had wanted to visit for many years. So delighted to get there at long last. It exceeded my expectation. Here you can see a Tea plantation , just like some of the photos I took. Nice and cool without being cold. Very green. Did go to a Tea plantation to see the plant growing and of course to sample some tea. 
The main village in Cameron Highlands is just a moderate 20 minute walk from the hotel I was staying in. Good post office too and very friendly area. 
Asia-Malaysia-Penang State-Georgetown   This time I stayed in the old city. A complete mixtures of old and new from China to India and all in between. Full of atmosphere.  A world Heritage Site. 
Georgetown was the biggest Post office on this trip. Kota Kinabalu and Kuching were also large. The Post office had some different stamps and I bought some for other uses. There were no State stamps on sale. 


  1. I really like Penang. Hope you had some delicious food there. :-)

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