Monday, 18 May 2015

Gran Canaria and London - Penny Black

Atlantic Ocean-Canary Islands-Gran Canary-Las Palmas   Just back from my real Where I just relax with friends and no major sightseeing. This is a hologram card. 

Loads of Postboxes on the Island. This is a special €5 stamp featuring the new King. It has a special signal /code that on the stamp. I have downloaded a app on my phone. When I place the app near the stamp a video of the stamps issues by Spain featuring the King is played . All in Spanish but interesting nevertheless. Ireland itself has just issued a set with this same special code and I play to send a postcard with them so I can see what they have in-bedded. 

Europe-United Kingdom-London   The Post office near Trafalgar square is excellent. I was very impressed with the selection of stamp they could offer me. This card features the printing press for the Penny Black issued 175 years ago this month. 

Here are the two first class stamps issued by United Kingdom . I bought them in a Miniature sheet and they were also available in a booklet. Same size and look great. I did have a Penny Black used in Ireland one on cover and one off cover. They are not an expensive stamp. Sold it a few years ago. 

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  1. David,
    Nice postcard and nice looking stamps. Cheers.