Friday, 29 May 2015

Karbala - Iraq

Middle East-Iraq-Karbala   I had given up on this card , It took 8 months to get here. Here is showing the Holy City of Karbala. An Amazing Mosque to visit and got special treatment here. You will see some of those photos on my other Iraq pages. 

Getting to mail this card was a very difficult task. I had to get a security official and the tour leader to walk me to the Post office . Went though a few security checkpoints and at last found the Post office. If was heavily guarded but unfortunately was closed. This was during a "Normal working day" according to my guide. However I found a police man who said he would look after my cards and leave them into the Post office when it opened. So 8 months later here it is. I am especially glad for the many people I sent cards from here . That was because I had to leave the Post office in Baghdad in a hurry due to a power failure and could only write my own card out in the dark. 


  1. Thanks a lot David for the great New York postcard and I love the Batman stamps too! :-D

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