Thursday, 13 August 2015

A for Afghanistan 2009

Asia-Afghanistan  I have decided to show photos from my travels in Alphabetical order. More fun that way. So as you can see I am on A. These were taken in 2009 when I visited Kabul and Herat. Looking back I had a great time and loved the place. This photo is from Herat, a wonderful Mosque there. 

I came into Afghanistan via Pakistan on the Kyber pass.. 

Many abandoned tanks around especially in the countryside. 

Here I am outside the Main Post Office in Kabul. The security people looking after me were not happy that I wanted to go to a Government building , as they were do not taking anyone there, just in case. I was there for about 10 quick minutes , buying stamps and having a chat with the postmaster. Very friendly and helpful. 

All the shops are manned by men, even ones selling underclothes for ladies. One has to have a rest from time to time ! 

A typical shop in Afghanistan 

3 Wise men...... 

The Police in Herat were very good and professional. This is a city in the west of Afghanistan near the border with Iran. 

When in Herat , it helped that some of the time I dressed like locals. Well the head gear is right at this stage.. 


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