Friday, 7 August 2015

Clonakilty - Ireland

Europe-Ireland-Clonakilty Just spent my Irish holidays in this southern part of the country. Very peaceful and cam , or that how is normally is. It rained non stop for the few days there, but still had the comfort of a spa hotel to relax. Well known area for good food . 

I thought it was interesting to show a stamp just issued featuring Irish Beef , since in this area. Not that you can see it on this card, but a first as we have just got Post codes in Ireland. However it is a bit of a mess right now.. No one is using them and the post office cant find your address if you just send a letter with a postcode on. My post code is K36 Y653.
This is the Post office in Clonakilty. A former Church . Note we have green post boxes in Ireland. 


  1. David,
    I guess from you comment, we can hold off with the post code on any cards to you, until we hear otherwise. Is that correct ?

  2. HI Glenn, no you can use them now.. It is just the post office dont need them to sort the mail. But I am using them so I get use to it. In time it will be accepted once they start working with GPS and smart phones .