Monday, 19 October 2015

Recife and Olinda- Brazil

South America-Brazil-Recife  Spend a overnight here and hence the card reflects the traffic I recall from the airport and to the hotel. So seen very little of this city. 

There was a full Post office at the airport , so you don't see that very often any more. Some more of the Olympic stamps . A very clean postmark. 

South America-Brazil-Olinda The Drive from Recife to here should be about 20 minutes. A bit of a story here. 5 of us and we got a taxi from the hotel and the driver took the 5 of us. After 10 minutes we noticed we were not going in the most direct fashion and queried the driver. He told  us as we had 5 instead of 4 in the taxi it was illegal and he was driving in a circle to avoid the police check points. However on the way we must have passed the police about 3 times . After 50 minutes we made it here and the driver who said he knew the restaurant had not a clue were to go. He was scared we would complain to the police about him trying to rip us off with the taxi meter clocking up. In the end he says he was sorry and the trip was free. We paid him a fair about , but a crazy drive. Olinda was worth it. We had dinner in avery nice restaurant and we got a tour of the town by night afterwards . A very worthy World Heritage Site.  

Unusual for me I did not post this card in Olinda. I could not find a card while there as the shops were closed. But got this in Recife airport and posted it there. 

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