Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Rio de Janeiro and Salvador Brazil

South America-Brazil-Rio de Janeiro  Delighted to be back in Brazil . Was here in 2002. So my first postcard from Brazil. In fact on my first day here, spend the morning on the beach watching the world go by. Here on this trip with a group of good travel buddies. Had been warned about being careful safe wise, took the usual precautions and all went well. Rio de Janeiro is a stunning city to see and especially going up to Sugar Mountain and Christ the Redeemer statue. Love the sense of fun that many Brazilians have. 

I was going to go to the main post office in the centre of Rio . But instead walked to this Post office in Copacabana just down the road from my hotel. Was delighted to see they had a philatelic display in a glass box. So I was able to select what I wanted. These are stamps for the Olympic games in Rio next year. I especially selected these stamps as Badminton featured on the top right stamp is the sport I used to play and was involved in. I have a love of the Olympics and attended many events in Barcelona in 1992 and was at the finals of the Badminton event. First time Badminton was at the Olympic games. 

South America-Brazil-Salvador  Going north now and a World Heritage City. Beautiful and not to big . Great to walk around and was here for  a few days. Loved it and had a great meal in the restaurant on the left in the Postcard. 

I had purchased all my Brazilian stamps from the Post office in Rio, so no need to look for more. But was plesently surprised to find the Post office here also had a selection. The Post office is a very old style and it is in the bottom corner to the left on the postcard, but cant be seen. I had photos in my earlier blog from Salvador. Nice cancellation. 


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