Thursday, 2 June 2016

Cook Islands - Manihiki

Still in the Northern part of the Cook Islands. Manihiki is famous for Black pearls. This is how most of the wealth of the Island is now made. However there is only a handful of Pearl farmers now doing it. It takes quite a number of years from start to finish.

 kora on the left , Guide and Pearl farmer for the tour of the Northern Islands
 The local Policeman in Manihiki . There are two in total on the island
 A local shop .
The Post office at Manihiki. Plenty of Stamps available to buy. But no sign of the Cancellation. Could not be found !!! . Like Pukapuka very little mail going out . Last time a few months ago when a cruise ship had a stop.
 Outside of the Post office

 Some of the local pearls. These were rejects and as such was just thrown back in the water.

A Pearl farm in the Lagoon as we come into land.  

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