Monday, 6 June 2016

Penryhn - Cook Islands

Well after years of planning here I was in Penryhn. It was a great feeling to arrive here and to at least step on this island. The most remote of the Cooks Islands. Of course the reason I was here is that Penryhn issue there own stamps. The island is also known as Tongerava .

Penryhn the largest of the Cook Islands 

 The transport from the Airport was by motor bike to the accommodation

 Towards the main town

 This is the Post office in Penryhn
 My transport on Penryhn , Back of a truck.

 Volleyball is played a lot on the islands.
 The administrators of a local school
 The Post office in Penryhn. They had a full selection of stamps . All Penryhn,  no Cook Islands stamps. The Postmaster on the left here , was also the agent for Air Rarotonga and ran one of the local shops. So a busy and important lady....  Wearing the Bluesky shirt especially for my visit as Bluesky is the operator of the Post Offices in the Cook Islands. They do get some Philatelic mail but very little. It is hit and miss. It depends on the aircraft. All flights up here are Charter . It can be months from one plane to another . In the mean time there is also the ship.
My Postmaster wearing a Ireland cap on departure and a gift for all the smiles and a great time in Penryhn . Never to be forgotten 

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