Sunday, 12 June 2016

Funafuti - Tuvalu

Pacific Ocean-Tuvalu-Funafuti   Tuvalu is like a long lost friend to me. As a child I had a fascination with this country and I suspect this will be my last time here. It was amazing to get back here and see the progress the Country has made. The Pacific in general is very safe place to visit. No crime worth talking about here as there is no place to flee . I was surprised how many tourists I met here. About 6 and they were visiting to see " The least visited Country in the World " . The Power of the internet and lists. No so many of those lists I would disagree with. Funafuti is the only Island I have visited as there is is only a shipping service to the outer islands. 

Postcards are hard to find in Tuvalu. The Post Office had one of a stamp on stamp from the Definitive issue of the 1990s featuring birds. A fellow traveller from India told me where to find a postcard. So here it is. Larger then usual. The Post office had just recently got in new date stamps so here they are in clear blue ink. This Definitive issue was sold out and they had a few sets left complete , But they managed to let me get some stamps from this issue. A very friendly Post office . Tuvalu used to have a conservative stamp issuing policy. Now they issue many issues. But if you collect thematics contact the Tuvalu Post office online and they have many issues going back years available at face value. A very full selection of stamps available at the Post office/Philatelic Bureau. 

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