Thursday, 9 June 2016

Tarawa - Kiribati

Pacific Ocean-Kiribati-Tarawa My third trip to Tarawa . This time it had changed a lot . New roads and more shops and new accommodation. The old government hotel has seen better days and did not stay there this time. Seen no tourists here , just workers upgrading the runway at the airport. This card shows the Japanese tank that was used in the second world war. 

The Post office in Tarawa had a full selection of stamps. The Philatelic bureau is now next door. Paid them a visit too where I purchased these postcards 

Pacific Ocean-Kiribati-Tarawa This card is a very typical scene in Tarawa. I always point out the sky in this region . I always think it looks different then where I live, being so close on the equator 

These cards were posted at the same time but two different postmarks. 

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