Saturday, 18 June 2016

Niue- Alofi

Pacific Ocean-Niue-Alofi  Well I had often wondered what Niue was like. Some of my friends had got here but just went back on the same plane. They were able to get a fast 20 minutes tour. That was never a option for me. So stayed here for 5 days and really enjoyed it. Alofi itself is nothing to write home about. But the island itself has much charm. Especially around the coast. There are no beaches as such. Niue also known as "The Rock" . 

The Post office is now part of a Bank . So first time I had seen this. This is also the case in New Zealand. The Philatelic bureau and the Post office are not the same business. They are just across from each other. The Post office gets the stamps from the bureau and then that is what they sell. No full sets here. The Philatelic bureau has a full range. The Postmark is the standard postmark currently in use in Niue. 

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