Wednesday, 6 July 2016

South Ossetia

It has take me quite some time to arrange a visit to South Ossetia. You need a permit from the Government to visit here. Up to late last year they have been not been forthcoming from the authorities.
It is only now that non Russians are being allowed to visit as tourists. One of the reasons is that there is poor infrastructure and it is only now that this is being updated.
The Scenery on the way across the border from Norh Ossetia is excellent .

The locals speak Ossetian and Russian. After the USSR broke up up in the early 1990s, this area did not wish to be part of Georgia. Just like Abkhazia they speak their own language.
After the last war in 2008 , I think there is no hope that this area will ever go back to Georgia and in fact the people want to join Russia and be part of North and South Ossetia.
The Mountains just across the border from Russia.
The start of one of the many tunnels in this area.
The entrance to the city Tskhinval .
Memorials to dead from the war with Georgia
Overview of the city
The Post office in Tskhinval .
With the Manager of the Post office and some of the staff.
The counter of the Post office. Note a Soldier. There are many in South Ossetia, but cant take photos.
The Stamps on sale at the Post office in South Ossetia
The Parliament that was bombed in the war., Now fixed up.
Parliament building
Just outside the barracks for the Russian soldiers based in South Ossetia
The Minister of Tourism in South Ossetia
A reg plate from South Ossetia


  1. Congrats David, I can safely say, you are the only person I know of that has reached South Ossetia, not to mention North Ossetia. I am sure that puts you in very select company. Congratulations once again.Take care.

    1. Hi Glenn, thank you. Yes it was great to finally get there after all the years of trying to get permission. One has to be very keen to get to these out of the way places. But that also makes them interesting. Now just waiting on the postcards !!!