Monday, 11 July 2016


I have been looking forward to visiting Crimea. There is so much to see here. Now part of Russia. Here you do feel it is part of Russia. Due to sanctions all international contact and banking is suspended. Visiting here now may be more hassle  , as you need a Russian visa .
However there is worthwhile place to visit. Not as packed as before tourist wise as really only Russian visitors here.

Sevestapol is interesting . It is a Federal City and has special status. It is governed from Moscow and not from the local " Republic of Crimea" parliament. St. Petersburg and Moscow also have the same status.

The Philatelic section of the main Post office is next door to the main Post office in Sevestapol This office is only 2 years. Before I guess the Post office just had a regular section as then was Ukraine.
Now it has without doubt the best selection and display of stamps I have ever seen in all my visits worldwide. The staff were very well trained and were interested and offered to show and sell more. This surprised me for Post office staff and especially for the usual service one gets in most Russian shops. So I spend quite some time there.

This sight of the Tsar Han's Palace

City marker of Sevestapol
Palace where Crimea conference was  held in 1945 .

Swallows Nest Crimea
The Philatelic section of the Post office. It is next door the the main Post office .
Inside the Philatelic Counter.
More views of the philatelic shop

It even has seating areas

Outside the main Post office in Sevestapol 

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