Thursday, 14 July 2016

Tskhinval- South Ossetia

Asia-South Ossetia-Tskhinval This postcard is showing a overall view of Tskhinval. The capital of South Ossetia. On maps you will see this as Tskhinvali which is the Georgian spelling. You can see in the picture a burnt out building on the front. Also if you look hard enough a Georgian flag as the picture looks towards the border with Georgia . It is only now that the city is starting to take shape again with many new roofs and repaired buildings. 

It is great to see this postcard arrive though the mail. It is never really clear if that will happen. A little over two weeks posting so that is very good. Bearing in mind the mail has to go out via North Ossetia. Stamps show the flag of South Ossetia. There are no postcards for sale in South Ossetia so I got the card printed prior to going. A very rare postcard from a rare Postal area. On this card I spelt the city as per what is on a map. 

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