Thursday, 8 June 2017

Kashmir - Dal Lake and Mughal Gardens

Asia-Kashmir-Srinagar  This postcard is very like the exact view I had of Dal Lake where I stayed on a houseboat. Kashmir is unlike anywhere else I had been to in India. A wonderful view of the Mountains and surrounding areas from the Lake. It felt different and there was a lot of tension due to ongoing protests . The tension was felt in the city but at the lake all was well. A magical place and delighted to have visited. 

The Post office I mailed this was in fact a houseboat. I will put up some photos soon. Due to elections and violence the Post office was closed , so I was unable to go in. But there was a postbox on the outside . 

Asia-Kashmir-Srinagar This is the Mughal Gardens which is a World Heritage Site. In April it was not at its best. But the tulip gardens nearby where in full bloom. This is the right time to visit there. It was great to see the loads of locals out enjoying the gardens.  Organising a trip to Kashmir was not easy at this time. The tour company I used for the rest of my India trip would not organise any part of this trip. Luckily I found a company who had houseboats and they organised it all. 

It was a pity I never got into the Houseboat Post  office. Still delighted to get the cards back. The stamps were purchased from the philatelic desk in Delhi. 

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