Monday, 23 October 2017

Kuching Sarawak

Asia-Malaysia-Sarawak State  Here you can see the famous river in Kuching. If you stay in the Hilton Hotel you can just walk outside to hear and hop on a small boat to get to the other side. Kuching is full of charm with loads of old type Chinese stores. 

As you can see this has many stamps from the State of Sarawak. These were the only ones still on sale at the GPO in Kuching. Sending cards from here has been a bit of a rare problem for me. I never received two I had previously sent. So I especially went back to Kuching on my way to KL . I met the head Postmaster and explained that I really needed my postcards to make it home. I posted one in a post box and one I gave personally to the Postmaster. Well the one I put in the post box is the one that arrived home. No sign of the other. The Postal service is very poor . The Postcard took 2 months to make it here. This is the final card in the Malaysian State set. 

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