Sunday, 22 October 2017

World Heritage Site - Erbil Kurdistan Region of Iraq

Middle East-Kurdistan-Erbil This is the main area in Erbil as seen from the Citadel. On the left hand side there are many shops . 

These cards took nearly three months to get here, so I had sort of given up on them. The stamps are all large size and bring me to the point that I never write the address and details until I have attached the stamps. 

Middle East-Kurdistan-Eribl This is a good photo of the Citadel. It is a World Heritage Site. I got these cards printed in India by my good post collector Jinesh. The local selection of cards available were pretty poor. 

Would love to know what the postmark says. Either way a clear date of July 23. I helped stamped many of the cards myself as I had a lot to mail for friends. 

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