Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Chile Antarctica

The background to this trip was the first time I visited Antarctica I did visit a Chilean Scientific station. These stations often have a Post office included. However it that case it did not. So I could not mail a postcard out.. So here I am back..

Delighted to visit the Post office . Fellow members on the trip stand by. 

The Post office in Chile Antarctica is not open every day. In fact the day I was here it was closed. However I managed to hunt down the Postmaster and got it open .

Chilean Base Eduardo Frei Base on King George Island.

This is February 2018 - Summer time not much snow on the Island itself 

One of my photos of a penguin coming out of the water. 

Post office photo again Eduardo Frei . King George Island 

Enjoyed watching the penguins. This was a full day overnight trip. 

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