Sunday, 8 April 2018

Panama Canal

Central America-Panama-Panama Canal  I guess could be considered one of the wonders of the world. I would certainly say it is the Worlds greatest shortcut. Spend the morning here on my first day watching a ship going through from the visitor centre. It was most interesting. Also the museum on the lower floor. Certainly worth visiting. 

This was posted in the most disorganised Post office I have ever been in. I got my hotel manager to check the address of the Post office in Panama city as most people did not know where it was ! Before getting into a taxi the hotel manager told me that the Post office said they had no stamps or did the Philatelic office. To be honest I did not believe this. So first off to the Post office which is in a small mall. It was chaotic with people everywhere and staff sitting behind small windows . I guess if I had lined up I would have been there for one hour or more. But I said I was just trying to mail some Postcards. When I showed the postcard they said they had no stamps only stickers . I bought the stickers and the price for postage was .40 . This is not the correct rate as it is way to low, but I did not complain. I asked to see the Post Office Manager and she told me they did not have stamps in the conventional sense but I could go to the Philatelic office to get stamps. Well when I got there they had no stamps of any kind. At least the card made its way home. .... 

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