Sunday, 14 April 2013


Asia-South Korea-Seoul  Showing The Namdaemun Gate . Dates back to the 14 century. Amazing that it is surrounded by busy Seoul traffic. Was damaged by fire in 2008. 

Posted at the main Post office in Seoul. A busy place. 

Asia-South Korea-Seoul  Showing Gyeongbokgung Palace. Spent  an interesting afternoon here. Quite a lot to see at this former Royal Palace. It is still being restored. A World Heritage Site.

The stamp shows 60th Anniversary of Korean Liberation. So 1945. 

Asia-South Korea-Panmunjom  This is showing the Korea Peace House in the joint security area . It is on the South Korea side. This is right on the border with North Korea. . The previous year I had visited the North Korean side. On the North side it was more relaxed . On this side we were heavily briefed by the American soldiers before I could could go near the border line. It was quite tense. 

There was no Post office in Panmunjom or even a mail box. So I had to post this in  Seoul. 

Asia-China Peoples Republic-Shanghai   This is the Jin Mao tower. Stayed here at the Jin Mao Tower which in fact is also a Hyatt hotel. Shanghai is an amazing city. One of the great cities in Asia. The most western city in China. This is on the Pudong side of Shanghai. A great city and the best city for so many food options in China. 

Just by chance I found out there was a Post office on the top of the Jin Mao tower. So in effect it is the highest Post office in the world. (In a building) . So this was the Pudong side . 

Asia-China Peoples Republic-Shanghai   Showing the city at sunset. The old and the new. It is said in Shanghai that when you wake up in the morning and open your curtains you see a new site every day as there is so much building going on. A city that you can see the two sides of China , yesterday and today. 

Posted in the old town and main Post office in Shanghai. In China stamps are quite cheap so unless you use a definitive stamp as postage you need to put a few extra stamps on. 

Asia-China Peoples Republic-Pudong Airport  Built at the turn of the century , Shanghai Pudong  Airport new building. 

Posted at Pudong Airport . 

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