Friday, 12 April 2013


Europe-United Nations Vienna  Had a organised tour here. Very interesting. The United Nations was established in Vienna in 1980. 

United Nations Vienna issue their own stamps. The left one has a hologram but difficult to see here. There is a special UN Post office inside . 

Europe-Austria-Vienna  My first time to Vienna and a pleasant surprise.  Famous for  the Museum Quarter and also cake shops. Lots of them! I had watched "The Third Man " with Orson Wells , before I came here. The Giant Ferris wheel was certainly a highlight. Great to visit in the evening. Loved it. 

A wonderful textile stamp. You can feel it . It shows the Edelweiss the queen of the alpine flowers. One of my favourite stamps in my postcard collection. 

Europe-Austria-Vienna   Schonbrunn Palace the former Imperial Palace in Vienna . Now a World Heritage Site. What a big place and lots to see. The Gardens were spectacular too. 

The first time that Swarovski crystals have been used in a stamp. You can see them on the Swan. Looks fantastic when you see and feel the stamp for real. That's how I found out that Swarovski was Austrian ! The Austrian Post office are really on the ball with these stamps. 

Europe-Slovakia-Bratislava  Less then one hour away from Vienna by train. A surprising interesting city and very easy to get around. Looked at times like a film set. 

A nice clean Bratislava postmark. Found out that Napoleon visited the city in 1805. Hence his picture at the top of the stamp. The Post office was very friendly and interesting in itself. 

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