Wednesday, 17 April 2013


Europe-France-Nice  A very upmarket part of France. Walking along the beach-front and  looking in the windows of the boutiques. 

I note that the stamp on the right has RF on it instead of France. RF=Republic of France. 

Europe-Czech Republic-Prague  I had been to the Czech Republic many years ago and  have spend most of the time outside Prague. So  I had a day to spare and got the chance to visit the Castle. So really I have not seen much, more to see in future. One of the Great cities in Europe. The Historic centre of  Prague is a World Heritage Site. 

Posted at the Airport as I departed. 

Europe-Cyprus-Lefkosia  Known to most as Nicosia. A enjoyable city to visit. Also interesting going up to the  border with Turkish Cyprus. 

Posted at the General Post Office. In fact at the side you can visit the sorting office. The stamp on the left side is the 1c tax stamp that is obligatory when posting all mail. 

Europe-Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus-Lefkosa   Lefkosa spelt different on the Turkish side. A great visit here and well worth going to. A more Middle East flavour on this side of the border. Enjoyed the city and less crowed then the other side. Crossing the border the Turkish side normally stamp a piece of paper. But I asked would they stamp my passport and no problem. At one stage the Republic of Cyprus would not let you enter if you had a Turkish Cyprus entry in your passport. 

Visited the Philatelic bureau which is on the 2nd floor of the old Post office. I am sure it has been the same post office for many many years. 

Europe-Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus-Lefkosa   Also Nicosia on the Turkish side. I seen this old postcard from the 1970s and could not resist it. The bottom left shows the main square and shows the Post office. 

All these postcards are hand stamped. 


  1. great blog! you took it to the next level by visiting all these locations yourself.

  2. Thank you. I enjoy your blog too. Still have lots more here to go on.