Tuesday, 16 April 2013


Europe-Corsica-Porticcio  Corsica what a great surprise this island was. So much to see here. Spend a few days driving around. Based  mostly here in Porticcio . It does look exactly as per the postcard. 

A clear postmark with Corsica South. 

Europe-Corsica-Ajaccio  Considered to be the capitol of Corsica.  Ajaccio is famous, as this is where Napoleon was born. You can go and see the house he was born in.  

A stamp with Napoleon on , just a coincidence that the Post office had this stamp on sale. The Post office applied a Philatelic postmark for some reason !   

Europe-Corsica-Bonfacio  A fantastic site to arrive in. You can see the town up above. Could have spent more time here. A real gem . 

A French stamp showing part of Corsica . I like the Bonifacio  large pictorial postmark . 

Europe-Corsica-Sartene  Passed through this hilly village on the way back to Propriano. 

Another Jules Verne stamp here . I have used a number of these on this trip. 

Europe-Corsica-Propriano  Hard to find a decent postcard here. I stayed here a number of days. 

A very good pictorial postmark for Propriano 

Europe-Corsica-Girolata  A World Heritage Site. Not a easy place to get to , but well worth it. Got here by boat . A great trip, even spotted whales on the way. A great place to have lunch and spend the day. One of those days you don't forget. 

There was a postbox here so it got this handstamp. 

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