Thursday, 11 April 2013


Europe-Italy-Rome   A great photo including The Pantheon .  I have been to Rome a few times but still feel I have much to see. I will just have to go back..

I do like this stamp with the old and the new soldiers. 

Europe-Italy-Rome  The Colosseum. Took a great tour inside. Massive  in size . Just to think as I sat there all the history of the place. No sign of Russell Crowe anywhere!! A World Heritage Site. 

Yes this is a stamp! Made of Silk. The stamp value is on the top right of €2.58. I was not sure if the post office would even postmark this as I put it in a letter box. Very nice to feel and a rare usage I would think. 

Europe-Vatican City  Not often you can get a whole Country on a postcard! You need lots of patience visiting Vatican City as you wont be alone. I certainly was not. When in Rome......

The Vatican Post office is a busy place. I am told the mail out of here is quicker then by sending out of the Italian Post office. Vatican stamps are always religious. Here is the previous Pope,Benedict . 

Europe-Sovereign Order of Malta   The Roman steps and the Trevi  Fountain. Very near here is the Sovereign Order of Malta. Not really a country but they do have permanent status at the United Nations. 

Well I suppose if you are going to be at the U.N. you better have your own stamps. So here is one. You can buy at the headquarters of the S.O.M in Rome. I wonder can you get your passport stamped? Unfortunately not all countries recognise these stamps, including Ireland. So I had to mail to a friend in Italy and then get it sent on to me. I did try and put some postcards in the postbox with Italian and SOM stamps but that did not work.  

Europe-Italy-Gioia del Colle   A very old town from 7c BC. In the province of Bari. Was here for work. But  did enjoy walking around the town in the evening. One of the joys of the small towns in Italy. 

When you think of Italy you have to think of Food. In this area of Italy the food is marvellous and cheap.  I guess it is one of the poorest regions of Italy but you still get the great food. The Stamp shows a glass of wine and some food,says it all. 

Europe-Italy-Altamura  The Romanesque Cathedral from which began in 1232. This region is famous for its quality of bread which is sold all over Italy. In this part of Italy also a centre for leather sofas . Some of this industry has moved to China. Another small town to walk around and people watch.  In the restaurants in the evening the whole family would come into eat and they would also watch the TV at the same time.! 

Showing a definitive stamp from Italy. 

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