Friday, 31 May 2013

Nicaragua and USA

Central America-Nicaragua-Masaya    Was just passing through here on the way to Granada and  had a break. Found this nice postcard , but did not actually see any Horse and carts . 

Got a mixture here of Definitive stamps and Special stamps. 

Central America-Nicaragua-Granada   Certainly one of my highlights in Nicaragua. This town is a real time gem. I was just waiting for the Spanish to turn up ! The buildings here are all in the colonial tradition.

These stamps happen to show a festival that was happening  in Granada in 2006. 

Central America-Nicaragua-Leon   This city has two World Heritage sites. Leon Cathedral and also the old Ruins of Leon. To be honest they are not so impressive but the Cathedral is. Another great city to visit. Well end of my trip to Nicaragua and what a great trip and surprise it was. Highly recommended. 

Finishing of this with a Butterfly stamp and a crisp Leon Postmark. 

North America-United States of America-Illinois-Rockford   Visiting Rockford to go to a concert. The big tourist attraction here is a Dinosaur that even had a name.  

Not sure who the baseball guy is, must be famous. ! 

North America-United States of America-Illinois-Chicago   Went to the Field museum. Very impressive for sure. This is Sue . 

Here you can read a little about Sue and also the end of the Art Stamps. I think they look a little like rugs. 


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