Friday, 17 May 2013

New York and the United Nations

North America-United States of America-New York   Well this city has so much buzz day and night. I always  love coming in by taxi and seeing those tall skyscrapers for the first time. 

Just got some regular stamps on this occasion. Not quite like me !. Still I do like these Flag stamps. I have sometimes mailed postcards from New York but they arrive home with no postmark. 

North America-United Nations-New York   This is an official Postcard from the United Nations showing the UN building in New York. 

Getting into the UN now in New York is a bit more hassle. Security is tighter. So in effect also if you want to just mail a letter from the UN post office. Still it is worth it. Here is another one of the personal stamps  you can get when there. 

North America-United Nations-New York   A gift from the Government of Luxembourg . "Non Violence " 

I always enjoy my visit to the UN in New York. Lots to see and a great book and gift shop. 

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