Monday, 22 July 2013

Denmark, Madeira and France 3 World Heritage Sites.

Europe-Denmark-Jelling  This is a World Heritage site where previous Kings of Denmark are buried. 

Getting a good selection of stamps in Denmark is not easy. Posted in Jelling in Jutland. 

Atlantic Ocean-Madeira-Levadas Funchal  My second time to visit. This time I did the walk of the Levadas. It is exactly like these pictures on the Postcard. There are no white sandy beaches on the main Island so one must relax by hotel  swimming pools. 

Portugal issues stamps especially for Madeira . However at the main Post office in Funchal in Madeira they were issuing regular Portuguese stamps. I had to go to the Philatelic section to get Madeira stamps . You will see the   Madeira under the Portugal name on the stamp .

Europe-France-Mont Saint Michel  A great World Heritage site to visit. But if you want to pay for the most expensive pancakes in the world this is the place. I stumbled into a pancake restaurant and enjoyed the pancake. I was wondering why loads of Japenese tourists were taking my photo. I was the only one eating. I then noticed all the famous people like Prime Ministers who had eaten here as there photos was on the wall. One Pancake = 40 Euro.. The story is much longer then this, but I wont bore you with the details only to say the restaurant did a deal when they seen how shocked I was. 

Here we see the A380 Airbus. The postcard has a double postmark one from France and another from Ireland. I have not as yet been on a A380. So look forward to the day. 

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