Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Indian Ocean- Seychelles and Zil Elwannyen Sesel

Indian Ocean-Seychelles-Praslin   This Island is famous for the Coco de mer . You can see the nut on the top right. This area is a World Heritage site. Very nice and a beautiful beach. A perfect Island paradise. 

Here you see the Coco de mer again on the stamp. A little Post office here  .

Indian Ocean-Seychelles-La Digue   Many people would say this is the best beach in the Indian Ocean. It certainly is right up there. Soft white sand. Spend most of my time  here in the sea.. 

The Postmark here says "Sub Post office La Digue". 

Indian Ocean-Zil Eilwannyen Sesel -Desroches  This is the Outer Islands of the Seychelles. Desroches is a luxury resort. Got here while on a cruise around the Islands. It has a small village on one end of the Island and on the other is Desroches Resort. There is one road that leads up here. 

When arriving on the Island passengers were told not to go up to the Resort as it was out of bounds.But somehow I had to get there to send  a Postcard. So I made my way up . While on the Island it was said that Prince William and Kate where here. This was December 26 2007. So I can understand why they would not want any invited visitors. Most guests arrive by chartered plane. When I arrived up into the resort , I was met with shock and horror. How did I get here? Who was I? So on. I just explained and said I only wanted to buy a postcard. So I was escorted to the front desk where I purchased a postcard. They said it was not much good as they had no stamps at present. I surprised the Manager by producing stamps for the Postcard as I had brought them with me. The is no Post office here so the card was send by the hotel to Mahe for mailing out. 

Indian Ocean-Zil Eilwannyen Sesel-Aldabra  This Island was the main reason for my entire trip. It is a fantastic Island to visit. There is a limited range of ships that visit here every year. I would say a handful if that. Famous for the Aldabra Tortoises. Even more impressive is the scenery around the Islands. It is a great place to do a float dive . I have so many photos from here this postcard does this Island do the island  justice. Look it up on the net . Having a drink on the Island as you sit with the many Tortoises. This is a one of my highlights from all my travels. For a while it was out of bounds as the Somali Pirates operated in these waters. I believe now it is safe to visit.

It is very appropriate to have these Zil Eiwannen Sesel Stamps with a Christmas theme. This card was posted on December 30 ,2007. These stamps were issued when there was a travelling Post Office to the outer Islands. The Post office boat sang and that was the end of that. So now only Seychelles Stamps. There is not a Post office on Aldabra. There is no residents as such . Only special research people and the Government official in charge. 


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