Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Mayotte and Mozambique

Indian Ocean-Mayotte-Mamoudzou The home of perfume here. This is the island that many of the scents you find in perfume is home. A very nice Island . Since I have been here it is now a part of France and the European Union . 

Just a small selection of stamps at the Post office. This is a Mayotte Stamp. But now being part of France , French stamps are used. 

Africa-Mozambique-Pemba  Still on the cruise which started in the Seychelles and now in Pemba. You could still see the effects of the long war in Mozambique, here in Pemba. Buildings were in a pretty poor state. There were two main hotels by the beach and they were of a high standard. 

As I arrived here on a Sunday , I had arranged to purchase stamps in advance . So the hotel posted these. The Postboxes outside the Post office had seen better days and I would think they are not in use. 

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  1. Those stamps from Mozambique are very impressive.