Sunday, 7 July 2013

Japan - Kanagawa. Tochigi, Chiba Prefectures

Asia-Japan-Kanagawa-Kamakura This is the Bronze statue of Amitia-Buddha or Great Buddah from 1252. 

This card was posted in Yokohama , Kanagawa and is a Prefecture stamp from Kanagawa. 

Asia-Japan-Kamakura A selection of scenes from this area. 

The Post office in Kamakura had no Prefecture stamps. So I had to go to Yokohama as above. This is a General Japanese stamp. 

Asia-Japan-Tochigi-Nikko   Here you find the Temple at Nikko. It is also a World Heritage Site. Lots of detail can be seen on a visit to this busy site. 

Prefecture stamps from Tochigi . 

Asia-Japan-Chiba-Narita Airport   This is the new Tokyo airport and my departure point for my visit to Japan. 

Featuring Prefecture stamps from Chiba and mailed at the Airport. 

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