Saturday, 6 July 2013

Japan - Tokyo. Guima. Saitama, Ibaraki Prefectures

Asia-Japan-Tokyo  This is the central Station in Tokyo , Was here quite a lot to take trains around Japan. Japan was not as expensive as I had expected. I guess it also helps when you eat local food. I found a food that was the same as Irish Stew and had that in many places. I got the feeling that Japan undersells itself as a tourist destination. 

Went to the main post office . A great Philatelic section and lots of stamps. But on the other hand , had difficulty get the prefecture stamps. Japan has 47 Regions and they have there own stamps . So some was got at the main Post office, other times I had to wait until I got to the Prefecture and hope for the best. Here we have a Tokyo Prefecture stamp. 

Asia-Japan-Gunma-Shibukawa   This town is famous for Hot Springs. So spent an enjoyable afternoon here relaxing and taking in the view from the hot Springs. 

Gunma Prefecture stamps. 

Asia-Japan-Saitama-Kawagoe  This road with all these old buildings was fabulous to visit. Lovely shops and just a old style. 

Saitama Prefecture stamp on right. 

Asia-Japan-Ibaraki-Kairakuen Mito  This is Kairakauen Garden, Beautiful to visit 

Stamp from Ibaraki Prefecture. 

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