Tuesday, 6 August 2013


Europe-Germany-Frankfurt  Arriving at Frankfurt from my trip down under. Here is a shot of Terminal one. I have used Frankfurt a number of times for Transit a excellent airport. 

A standard Definitive stamp , but I do like the WWF advert. 

Europe-Denmark-Roskilde  Was in Denmark for work, so took the time to go and visit Roskilde a World Heritage site, for the Church which is on the top left . Also very interesting is the Boats that  the Vikings used. The Vikings came to Ireland so very good to see all the history including a boat that was found in Dublin. 

Posted in Roskilde . Where does one find nice Danish stamps??? 

Europe-United Kingdom-Norwich  A very old and quaint part of England 

A standard Definitive stamp , but at least a good postmark. 

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