Wednesday, 7 August 2013

World Heritage and United Kingdom

Europe-United Kingdom-Souhwold  On the east coast of England, the little wooden summer houses on the top left are famous here. 

I suspect the postmark is Ipswich, but cant really tell for sure. 

Europe-United Kingdom-Liverpool  On the west coast of England . Liverpool is famous for Football, The Beatles and the maritime area and museum. Here is the Albert Dock which is a World Heritage Site due to the big effect it had on shipping and also where a lot of the slave trade came in to England. A very good museum here. 

Here is a Miniature sheet . I see just the edge got cancelled and not the stamps. 

Europe-United Kingdom-Saltaire   A very famous Mill in Saltaire . The Mill and the surrounding small houses are all a World Heritage Site. This was a very important place during the Industrial revolution. 

Here we have some more Kings of England as they were at the time. 

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