Friday, 17 July 2015

New York and United Nations

North America-United States of America-New  York   Have not been here for a few years. On t his trip did visit the new One World Observatory which only opened a few weeks before I arrived. Here is a photo from the fold out Postcard I purchased in the gift shop. 
This is a photo I took of a view from the viewing area. This is all inside. 
Went into the Post office in Lexintgton Avenue, very near to were I was staying. Delighted to see a selection of stamps in a case I could choose from. I had to pick these Batman stamps. Reminded me of the first series I used to watch on the TV in the 1960s. 
North America-United Nations New York  Visited here again on this trip. I did not take the tour as did the last time. 
Was a first day of issue for these UNESCO stamps on the left , so got them . The Post office was less then helpful and you needed to be sure what you wanted.
The United Nations Post office  


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  2. Hi Emily, glad you like it.. Been very busy lately , so have had very little time to update it.