Thursday, 30 July 2015

Ross Dependency - Antarctica

Antarctica-Ross Dependency-Scott Base  Here are some photos from the trip I did in 2008. This is the New Zealand part of Antarctica and I reached here starting in Bluff in New Zealand and ending up in Hobart , Tasmania. It was a great trip 4 weeks. Very lucky to land here as the same Russian Ship could not land on the previous trip only 4 weeks before this. Here you see some photos from the New Zealand base which was very homy in style compared to the nearby American Base which had all mod cons.  To land we had the use of a helicopter on board which was needed.
Also you will see some photos from the shop at the base that sells stamps and has a letter box. There is no official Post office here now, the mail is sent to Christchurch. But still delighted to be at the Ross Sea and Scott Base.
It was great to see the original Huts from the early 1900s and all the same stores and goods are still there to this day as you can see. 

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